After the release of "Live in London", we've contacted with Crash, drummr of swedish band H.E.A.T, in order to chat a little bit about this live album and the band's future.


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-Hello folks. First of all, thank you for your time and congratulations for the live album you’ve just released under the name of Live in London.

Crash: Thanks!

Why have you decided to publish a live album just a few months after the release of Tearing Down the Walls? Do you think that the band is at its best?

It was our record company's idea, but since there's been a demand for a live album with H.E.A.T for a long time, we gladly approved. Many have said that we're a lot better live than on album.

Of all the places where you have played, why have you chosen London to mainly record the live album? Don’t you think that, with the great success of the band nowadays, The Garage was a venue a little bit small? It only has a capacity of 600 people.

Once again it was the initiative of the record company. I think they wanted to capture the sweat and heat of a small venue. The live album shows 15 songs but not all of them were recorded in London.

Didn’t you think about releasing the full show?

No, since there was some distortion on some tracks due to technical faulties. We had nothing to do with the recording itself and are not happy that some tracks went missing.

Before the start of “Point of No Return” there is a voice in off that really got my attention. ¿Who did it?

It’s the old wise turtle from "Kung fu Panda".

Why have you chosen “Tearing down the walls” to be the single?

“Tearing down the walls” and “Point of no return” are the first singles from Live in London. They are two of the best live tracks we have.

On the video of the single we can see that you have also recorded the show on video. Why didn’t you release it also on dvd?

A DVD is not a natural thing to release today. Youtube have increased video and sound quality significantly the past years and have taken over more and more. That’s why we have chosen to share the material online with our fans.

To do the master of the album you repeat again with Tobias Lindell. Are you happy with his work?

Tobias is a kick as producer and mixing engineer. We did the show, the rest was up to him.

I’m just curious about why your previous guitar player, Dave Dalone, left the band. Do you notice the absence of a second guitar while you play live? Do you have in mind to include a new member on the band?

We were born to rock. Maybe he was too, but he needed a break to do other things. Personally I think that we sound better than ever now and the line up is great.

Nowadays, Swedish people are very lucky since beside H.E.A.T, two other great melodic hard rock bands are conquering Europe. I imagine that you know about Eclipse and Work of Art. I don’t know if you have played altogether before, but have you thought about it? Did someone offer you to tour with them? I believe it would be a great success.

Erik Mårtensson did a gig as a singer with us on our first gig at the festival Firefest. Also Pekka Heino from Brother Firetribe did one song. We like Eclipse and WOA and would not mind touring with them. Let's hope it happens.

What’s next for the band? Are you going to focus on playing just at the summer festivals or you will do a full tour again?

We're playing at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium and Download Festival among many more festivals this summer. At the same time we're working hard to make another collection of songs. Hopefully we will enter the studio at the end of this year.

Since that band is in a very good shape and that your popularity is going through the roof, I would like to ask about your goals. How far do you think that H.E.A.T can go? Do you see the band filling big stadiums?

Thank you very much, if the world likes us, then I suppose we'll keep on rising. We just like to rock, and would certainly not mind rocking some more stadiums. We played with Scorpions at the Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid last year and that was awesome.

To come to an end, I would like to know if do you feel any difference on stage depending on which country are you playing. Can you highlight anything about the Spanish audience?

The Spanish audience is among the best in the world. There is a strong music interest in Spain and you guys really know how to rock. We are always looking forward to playing in Spain. And you got amazing paella :)

That’s all, I just want you to thank you again for your time and offer you to close the interview as you please. Greetings and see you on the shows!

Thank you too! Don't forget to check out our brand new video for Point of no return, a single from the new live album "Live in London". Hasta la vista!


Interview by Morly